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Emergency and exit lighting are crucial components of any evacuation plan and a necessary link to safe escape when a fire or other hazard occurs at your workplace.

We take your safety seriously and urge customers to have our certified technicians professionally install and also perform regular inspection of both their emergency lighting and exit lighting.

We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your emergency and exit lighting system works properly when you need it most.

Emergency Lighting

Fireworx Int. provides emergency lighting installation and inspection services for businesses throughout Houston, TX.
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We Supply And Instal Emergency Lighting In Houston Area

Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting should be a component of your fire protection plan to save lives in the event of an emergency in your office building. During serious power outage situations, emergency lighting illuminates all exit passages—including corridors, stairwells, ramps, and escalators. Exit lighting also helps by pointing the way to a safe exit.

If your property needs emergency or exit lighting installed or replaced, contact us today for a FREE estimate! We will also help with exit sign height, location, and placement requirements, ensuring that your building remains safe and up to state code.


In an emergency situation, your employees can become disoriented and overall safety can be compromised if either the emergency or exit lighting fails to activate. Don’t take the components of your emergency and exit lighting system for granted. Let us check your batteries, charging systems, and bulbs to ensure you’re prepared.


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code requires that all industrial emergency lighting and exit lighting devices be inspected monthly and tested annually. Additionally, your industrial emergency lighting needs to be up to code regarding the placement, height, and location of the exit signs and lighting. All of our licensed technicians at State Systems Inc. understand the major components and criteria established by NFPA 101, which aims to protect employees in the case of a disaster.


At Fireworx Int., we offer the following monthly inspection and annual testing schedule that adheres to NFPA 101 for emergency and exit lighting devices.

Monthly inspection for emergency and exit lighting:

  • Test integrity of lights and batteries through test button for 30 seconds
  • Check for physical damage
  • Align the beam and tighten if necessary
  • Check AC electrical connection and charge lamps as needed

Annual testing for emergency and exit lighting:

  • Full-simulation 90-minute test
  • Disconnect AC power supply to each unit
  • Check battery and lens for corrosion or damage
  • Clean unit and lens as required
  • Adjust beam for proper placement
  • Check charging system voltage, check battery output voltage, and check line voltage

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