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What is a Fire Risk Assessment and do I need one?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a detailed in-depth review and evaluation of a building, complex or a facility for fire risks, including equipment and hazards, aimed at providing effective recommendations and resolutions to prevent, mitigate or eliminate potential or fatal fire risks and hazards.

Your Fire Risk Assessment is the cornerstone to a good fire safety plan, without a good Fire Risk Assessment, the fire safety plan will just be based only on assumptions.

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There is a law which governs the carrying out of this risk assessment. The law stipulates that any building, structure or facility which can accommodate five (5) persons or more at a time should have a fire risk assessment drawn out, written down, communicated to the occupants of the building and documented. It also states that the risk assessment should be done by a Responsible Person (RP). The responsible person may be a fire assessment professional, the facility owner or an assigned worker. The RP must be knowledgeable in carrying out this risk assessment.

Fireworx provides clear and easy to understand reports, diagrams and plans that will help you with any fire compliance issues that you may encounter. We find affordable and workable solutions to resolve, solve and eliminate risk from fire to both life and/or property. 

Our reports are based on the latest NFPA codes of practice.

Fireworx applies its wealth of knowledge and experiences gained over the past 25 years and put to great use in your comprehensive and informative easy to read fire risk assessments.




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Fire Risk Assessments and Evacuation Plans

Do you have the required internal layout site evacuation diagrams located strategically at points within your building? These standards are essential and form an integral part of your evacuation plan, not to mention they are required by occupational health and safety legislation.

Fireworx can provide clear, easy to understand plans and can assist with compliance issues you may have, in addition to any evacuation or way finding problems you may have encountered.

Over the years Fireworx has gained a lot of valuable experience in Evacuation and internal location plans.

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