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A fire can spread quickly and cause immense damage. With a well-maintained sprinkler system, fires can be controlled. One size doesn’t fit all – and we specialize in the design, installation, testing and inspection, and maintenance of most fire sprinkler systems available today.

Fire alarms are effective in alerting occupants of danger, but a sprinkler system works to extinguish a fire. A fire sprinkler system is essential in protecting lives and possessions during a fire emergency. 


Sprinkler systems are carefully designed to activate early, containing, or extinguishing the fire, and will decrease the heat, flames, smoke, and gases that are produced in order to reduce further damage.

Valuable assets, such as mission-critical technology data centers, irreplaceable historical artifacts, financial records, and sensitive healthcare data, require superior protection. Loss or damage to these distinct items can be detrimental to your business continuity.

In some cases, traditional fire suppression methods, such as water, can cause as much or more damage to your rare and vital property.  Clean agent suppression systems reduce this irreparable damage using fire suppression gases.

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Types of Fire Safety Sprinklers

Pre-Action Sprinklers – Pre-action fire sprinklers systems are filled with air when not in use and water flows through them when the smoke detector goes off. Two triggers are required to start the flow of water from them. Pre-action sprinklers are helpful, in that they can be set to prevent water from coming out of them should a mechanical failure or false alarm occur. The pre-action system is typically good for places where sprinklers are only necessary when an actual fire occurs so that water damage is not as prevalent. These areas may include data centres, libraries, or other places with high-value items.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers – As their name suggests, wet pipe sprinklers are constantly filled with water. This allows them to quickly react should a fire occur. They are also the most commonly installed type of sprinkler in buildings. A high rise or multi-floor office building would be a typical commercial property where these are installed. This type of fire sprinkler system is known for being typically low maintenance and cost efficient.

Dry Pipe Sprinklers – Similar to pre-action systems, dry pipe sprinklers use pressurized air in the pipes, which exit before the water. This can cause a bit of a delay before water is discharged, but is a good choice for buildings in colder areas so the pipes do not freeze in winter. They feature a fast opening tool that helps rid the pipe of air and increase the speed of the water flow.

Deluge – Also similar to a pre-action system, the deluge sprinkler system required a smoke or heat detector as well. This system features open nozzles that may be used when a fire occurs. Deluge systems are good for buildings with hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids.


Fire Sprinkler Inspections

We can inspect, test and maintain your fire protection system including your fire alarms, fire pumps and fire sprinklers to ensure they are performing properly.

Our inspectors will inspect your fire protection systems and provide a list of recommendations based on both the legal requirements and your business needs. Should we find any problems, our expert crew would be happy to provide the services needed to bring your system in compliance.


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  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

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