Paint Booth Fire Systems

Paint Booth Fire Suppression

Paint Booth facilities require unique fire protection solutions and Fireworx USA specializes in fire detection, suppression and control systems for specific hazards and industries.

All designs, installations, and inspections of pre-engineered wet & dry chemical fire suppression systems will be completed by a licensed/factory trained fire protection technician.

Autobody refinishing areas are perfect places for fires to start. 


With paints, solvents and other flammable liquids present, all it takes is one spark. In minutes, a vital cog in an auto body shop or production line becomes a statistic. Our innovative fire extinguisher and automatic system designs have prevented damage and loss that would have been caused by the ravages of fire.




Amerex Fire Suppression System Diagram

Amerex Fire Suppression System

Get the Best Fire Extinguishing Agent

The Amerex system uses an exclusive ABC dry chemical. ABC dry chemical suppresses more fire, by volume, than any other agent. ABC dry chemical has quick flame “knock-down” and can help to secure Class A fires against re-ignition.

Since many hazards involve a variety of fuel sources, our ABC dry chemical, with protection against Class A (wood, paper, pulp), Class B (flammable liquids) and Class C (live electrical equipment) is the agent that is best suited for most Industrial hazards.

Always ready when you need it

The Amerex “IS” industrial system incorporates an automatic detection system that will operate in case of a fire anytime, 24/7, even if no one is present.

As with the rest of the “IS” system design and philosophy, the automatic fire detection system uses fewer components which saves on installation and maintenance costs

Fewer cylinders, fewer nozzles, less pipe

The Amerex “IS” industrial system uses fewer nozzles, including a unique “3-way” nozzle that eliminates the need for two separate nozzles for many situations. In some cases this may even eliminate an extra agent cylinder!


Amerex “IS” exclusives

  • “Over-size” Paint Spray Booths – The Amerex “IS” has the first UL Listing allowing nozzles to be placed up to 23’-4” above the floor – now you can protect large vehicle paint spray booths that are used for trucks and heavy equipment with a fully UL Listed system that has been specifically tested using live fires for this application.
  • First Industrial system to be listed by UL under the newest edition of test Standard 1254 for nozzle heights up to 23’-4”above the floor – excellent for covering truck and heavy equipment spray booths.
  • Nozzles may be placed down the center of a standard sized booth to make filter replacement easy.

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